How to Make a Paper Bat [Free Bat Outline!]

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Want to learn how to make a paper bat for Halloween? This craft includes a free bat outline and step by step tutorial – it will only take you 15 minutes!

Halloween is around the corner, making it the perfect time to decorate the house with spooky critters! What better craft to make than halloween bats? They are simple, cheap to make, and are super cute. And, you can turn them into puppets for your kids if you want!

how to make a paper bat

I loved making this craft for my daughter, especially because if you wave your hand while holding the craft stick, you can make it look like the paper bat is flapping its wings. Much to her giddy pleasure!

You will need:

  • craft paper (black, white, and pink)
  • googly eyes
  • craft stick
  • black paint + brush
  • scissors
  • glue stick and/or hot glue gun
  • sharpie (optional)
  • This bat outline template

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How to Make a Paper Bat

Be sure to download the bat cut out template before beginning this project. You can find the link to the template in the supply list above.

Step 1: Assess your supplies.

  • We used a glue stick to put together the paper portion of this Halloween bat craft, and found that a hot glue gun worked best for attaching the googly eyes (since they are larger) and the craft stick.
  • You will notice one small triangle template in the bat outline printable provided – this is to be used for both the fangs and the pink part of the ears.
  • The black craft paper is for the body and the wings, the white craft paper is for the fangs, and the pink craft paper is for the inner ears.
how to make a paper bat - supplies

Step 2: Paint your craft stick black and set aside to dry.

Step 3: Use the free bat outline template to trace and cut your pieces.

  • Use the black paper for the wings, the ears (the larger triangle), and the body cut out.
  • Use the white paper for the fangs (the smaller triangles).
  • Use the pink paper for the inner ear (also the smaller triangles).
how to make a paper bat - cut outs

Step 4: Paste some glue onto one edge of the large black rectangle. Create a tube by sticking the other end to the glue.

Step 5: Paste some glue to the center of the bat wings and attach the tube/body.

how to make a paper bat

Step 6: Use your glue stick to paste the pink inner ear (small triangle) to the black outer ear (large triangle). Then, paste the ears to the back-inner part of the tube.

Step 7: Paste the two white fangs to the lower portion of the tube.

how to make a paper bat

Step 8: Glue on both of the googly eyes. If you’re finding that your eyes are too large and not sticking well with a glue stick, try a hot glue gun.

Add an optional smile between the fangs with a black sharpie.

how to make a paper bat

Step 9: Finally, once dry, use a hot glue gun to attach the black craft stick to the inner-back of the bat puppet.

how to make a paper bat
how to make a paper bat

If you make this halloween bat craft, be sure to tag us on Instagram with your final product! @my_craftmama


how to make a paper bat pin

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