Fox Paper Bag Puppet (Free Template)

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fox paper bag puppet

This fox paper bag puppet requires minimal supplies and comes with a free template! Perfect for an at-home or at-school activity with parent or teacher supervision.

If you’re wondering how to make puppets with paper bags – it’s simple! Chances are you already have the supplies at home, so all you’ll need to do is download the template included in this post to cut out all of the pieces.

fox paper bag puppet

This fox craft, like most paper bag puppets, is all about layering. Rather than drawing on all of the features, you’re building the face and body with pre-cut craft paper pieces.

The end result is totally cute and will have your kids playing pretend in no time.

What you’ll need:

  • paper bag
  • craft paper (orange, tan, black, and pink)
  • glue stick
  • craft scissors
  • This template

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How to Make a Fox Paper Bag Puppet

Read on to learn how to make this cute animal craft at home with your kids, or at school with your students for a fun autumn activity!

fox paper bag puppet

Step 1: Assess your supplies.

For this craft, I used:

  • two pieces of orange paper for the body, head and tail
  • one piece of black paper for the eyes and nose
  • one piece of tan paper for the body fur, face, and tail tip
  • one piece of pink paper for the rosy cheeks and ears.

For the shapes, print the template on regular printer paper and use craft scissors to cut them out.

fox paper bag puppet

Step 2: Use your template pieces to cut the shapes out of the craft paper. I traced mine using a pencil first and then erased any leftover mark up after cutting.

fox paper bag puppet - pieces

Step 3: Cover the bottom portion of the paper bag (the body) with a 9″ by 5″ orange rectangle. This piece should go all the way up under the flap (the head).

fox paper bag puppet - bag

Step 4: Add the tan fur to the body.

fox paper bag puppet - body

Step 5: Paste the tan tip to the end of the tail.

fox paper bag puppet - tail

Step 6: Make the head.

First, paste the tan portion of the face to the orange head. The bottom tips should align at the point.

fox paper bag puppet - head

Next, paste the black nose to the bottom-most tip and the pink ears to the head.

fox paper bag puppet - head 2

Finally, paste on the eyes starting with the big black circles and then add the two tan circles. Next, add the pink ovals for the rosy cheeks.

fox paper bag puppet - face

Step 7: Paste the head onto the empty flap and the tail to the back of the bag.

fox paper bag puppet

And, voila! You have your fox paper bag puppet.


fox paper bag craft pin

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