Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft

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rainbow popsicle stick craft

This rainbow popsicle stick craft is the perfect activity to kick off spring, or when you need some sunshine on a rainy day! Make it two ways – use either pre-colored rainbow popsicle sticks, or paint your own for some extra fun!

While this rainbow popsicle stick craft can be done at any time of year, it’s particularly perfect for the start of spring! My daughter loved making these on a dreary afternoon, particularly with her recent fascination with weather.

rainbow popsicle stick craft

You can do this project two ways, depending on your supplies and what kind of time you are working with. You can either use rainbow popsicle sticks or you can use plain popsicle sticks and paint them with your child. I opted to paint our own to have my daughter engage in the whole process! Messy but fun!

This is also a great spring time craft for the classroom if you are a teacher looking for a sweet way to kick off the season! It’s easy, fun, and doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

You’re going to love how simple this popsicle stick craft is! Use the free template to cut out the right sized cloud for this craft.

rainbow popsicle stick craft

What you’ll need:

  • popsicle sticks (rainbow or plain)
  • acrylic paint (if you aren’t using rainbow popsicle sticks) + brush
  • white and pink craft paper
  • googly eyes
  • mini pink pom poms
  • cotton balls (optional)
  • glue gun or Elmer’s glue
  • This template

rainbow popsicle stick craft

Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft

Step 1: Assess your supplies. Your rainbow will be made up of:

a) 7 popsicle sticks per rainbow craft (6 for the colors of the rainbow and 1 for the backboard to hold them all together)
b) 2 googly eyes per rainbow
c) 2 mini pink pom poms for the rest cheeks
d) craft paper for the cloud shape and the smile

rainbow popsicle stick craft supplies

Step 2 (skip if you are using rainbow popsicle sticks): Paint your popsicle sticks. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Set aside to dry.

rainbow popsicle stick craft - sticks

Step 3: Cut out your smile using the pink craft paper, and your cloud using the template provided.

rainbow popsicle stick craft - cloud template

Step 4: If you are using cotton balls for a more cloud-like appearance, glue them to your pre-cut cloud. Skip this step if you are only using craft paper.

rainbow popsicle stick craft - cloud

Step 5: Create your face.

Use your hot glue gun or your Elmer’s glue to create the face. Glue on two googly eyes, a smile, and two mini pink pom pom to make the rosy cheeks.

rainbow popsicle stick craft - cloud head

Step 6: Create your rainbow.

Arrange your popsicle sticks in rainbow order. Depending on their age, this is a good step to have your child do themselves! Have them name each color as they place them in order.

Then, take your plain popsicle stick and line the six colored sticks up in the center. I like to take a pencil at this stage to mark the edges so I know where to glue my first stick.

Finally, add a dot of glue to the back of each stick and place it on the plain stick. Stagger the sticks so the tips are at varying heights.

rainbow popsicle stick craft - rainbow

Step 7: Lastly, add a line of glue across the popsicle sticks at the top of the rainbow and stick the cloud on!

rainbow popsicle stick craft


rainbow popsicle stick craft

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