Free Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable

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This free Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt printable is a super sweet way to keep your kids or students busy during the season of love! 

Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas? Love is in the air, and the winter chill always seems to take forever to make its exit, don’t you think? At this point, you’re probably itching for ways to keep your kids or students busy, which is why a valentine scavenger hunt may just be the fun activity you need this February.

Scavenger hunts are always a great time. They are fantastic for kids of all ages as they not only foster a sense of excitement and adventure but also promote teamwork and problem-solving skills. Engaging in a scavenger hunt is a great way to get your children to think critically, communicate effectively with their peers, and enhances their creativity as they strategize to uncover hidden treasures or solve clues. Plus, the joy of discovery makes learning a playful and memorable experience for them.

This Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt activity can be done at home, in a classroom, at a party, and more! Most of the items on this list can be found at a dollar store and around your house. 

Ready to have so much fun? You can grab the free download at the bottom of the post.

We love free printables at My Crafty Mama! If you’re interested in more seasonal scavenger hunt activities, check out our Free Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Tips:

  • For the youngsters, consider directing them toward some of the more complicated objects with prompts and clues, such as What do you look at when you need to know the date? Where does mommy keep the trips?
  • For larger groups, or if you have small children involved, separating into smaller groups can make this Valentine’s Day treasure hunt more fun and engaging! Encourage the older kids to team up with the younger kids and offer a little help when needed.
  • At the end of the hunt, reward your kiddies with some of the delicious treats they found!
  • Consider creating cute clues or a cheat sheet for your youngest participants to help them find each fun surprise. 

Download the FREE Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable here.

Note that this type of scavenger hunt does not include clue cards and is instead a pdf file that uses a simple checklist.

If you do this fun Valentine’s Day activity, we’d love to know! Feel free to tag us on Instagram (@my_craftymama)!


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